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Powers & Duties of Officers

Superintendent of Police

Under the guidance of Director General of Police, Gujarat State, he has to look after the administrative matters of police force under the jurisdiction of the Vadodara District, to regulate and to guide in the matters of procedures, orders, study of law, exercise, parade, arms and ammunition.

  • Internal administration of the unit -financial and personnel administration.
  • Maintenance of law and order, crime prevention and detection, surveillance and intelligence.
  • To enforce discipline, enhance efficiency and morale of the force.
  • Giving proper training, guidance and instructions to police staff to ensure impartial and effective performance of duties assigned to them.
  • Effective grievance redressal through regular orderly rooms and sammelans.
  • To ensure security of Rajbhavan, Chief Ministers Residence, Ministerial Residence, Akshardham and other vital installations.
  • Effective check on anti-social activities, prohibition and gambling.
  • Annual Inspection of all police stations, CPI and Dy.S P. offices, surprise visits.
  • Conduct welfare activities for all rank and their families.

Establish better police-public relation through transparent, just and speedy disposal of complaints, community policing.

Duties of Dy. S. P.

He has to perform all works and duties assigned by the Superintendent of Police. He has to guide and supervise the officers and men under him and to maintain their discipline. He has to pay the visit of Police Stations, to undertake night round, visit of the offences of serious nature and to obey and execute the orders of the higher officers. He has to investigate the crimes, to prevent them to occur and to supervise. He has also to take roll-call during his visit to Police Station, to arrange surprise night-round, and to ensure during such rounds that all the officers and men under him are alert.

Police Inspector (PI) Police Station In-Charge:

He has to perform general supervision of the Police Station. He has the responsibility of discipline of his subordinate officers and staff. He has to see to it whether offences occurring in the area are registered properly in the Police Station or not, whether they are property investigated or not. Furthermore he himself has to investigate in important cases and to investigate in the cases assigned by his higher officers. He has also the responsibility to provide guidance to his subordinate officers and staff. He has to  perform his duties diligently as per the special orders of his higher officers.

Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) (Police Chowki /Investigation/ Surveillance Squad In-Charge)

He has responsible to investigate properly the offences occurring in his area and to obtain information during investigation. He has to perform duties of preventing occurrence of cognizable offences, to take necessary action in accordance with law after obtaining guidance from his higher officers for taking action against the offenders of crime and to perform Petrol Duty, Night Round Duty, Parade and other duties as per the orders of the higher authorities.

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) / Head Constable :

To obey and execute the orders of Sub Inspector and higher authorities and to get them obeyed and executed from the constables. He has to inform his Sub Inspector about the possible occurrence of an offence in his area and has to search for the offences without waiting for the orders and to start investigation in the matter. He has to prevent the offences to occur, to maintain the situation of law and order and to obey and execute the orders of his higher officers.
In case of accidental or suspicious death he has to prevent the dead body to be allowed to burn without waiting for the orders of the higher authorities. He will be an assistant to Sub Inspector during taking Parade. He will inform his Sub Inspector about the sensitive area and will help  the Sub Inspector for visit of such a place. He will collect the information about the offenders and criminals and will keep his Sub Inspector informed about the same.

Police Constable:

He has to perform all duties which may be assigned to him by his higher authorities. He has to maintain the situation of law and order, to search the offences and crimes and to prevent them to occur, to serve the summons and warrant, to perform Naka duty, to bring and take away the criminals under his security and to perform duties as per B.P. Act at the time of transfer of money from one place to another and public and private properties. Whenever any offence occurs, he has to immediately to detain the offenders without any warrant and to inform his higher authority forthwith. At the time of fire or fear he has to help the public for their protection and security and to take all precautionary measures, to investigate crimes and offences and to protect the individual and the property.

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