Dear Citizens of Vadodara Rural

  • Vadodara Rural heartily Welcome to the Web site.The Police Can Serve the Public better,it was very necessary to create such a web site. cyber law enforcement agency immediately exchanged information technology age,it is very compelling. I hope that this project will help citizen and can strengthen relation between police and public and ease for the any citizen to for complaining.
  • Our main priority is the maintenance of law and order and safeguard Submission of police and public participation is to control crime. The Web site will be able to learn the functioning of the police and citizens by the public to voice with their positive views.
  • The Current era is the era of advanced technology. today's era of crime to obtain effective control over Police cooperation for the public to understand their responsibility to give the true sense (Police of the people,by the people and for the people)can be achieved, it is imperative so that our daily operations as well as cooperation with more sympathy from the public I expect. "Your satisfaction is our success Edge.
  • Saurabh Tolambiya

    Superintendent of police Vadodara

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